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Your customers want to give you anonymous feedback

With RocketUp, get quick and anonymous private feedback & surveys from your customers, and if you want, reward them for it!

How Customers Like to Give Feedback

Pie chart: anonymous feedback is preferred by majority of Americans

Importance of anonymous feedback

Most Customers Prefer Giving Feedback Anonymously

Your business may be getting customer feedback today on social media and other sources. But are you ignoring the majority of your customers?

Fifty-two percent (52%) of Americans say they are more likely to give feedback if that feedback is anonymous. And the vast majority of people — including 56% of millenials — say their feedback is more likely to be candid and honest if they give it anonymously.

The biggest drawback to anonymous feedback used to be that you could not reply to your customers. Now with RocketUp, your customers remain anonymous and you can reply and even reward them as they help you improve your business or organization.


RocketUp is the first and only small business customer feedback platform enabling quick and anonymous customer feedback and surveys tied to instant and loyalty rewards

RocketUp’s low price includes both of our product offerings, Surveys and Loyalty.

RocketUp Surveys

With Surveys, your customers or prospects can provide instant private and anonymous feedback or survey responses to you by clicking a link or going to a short URL on their phone or web that you publicize on your website and/or at your location(s). You can provide an optional instant reward to be delivered digitally immediately after feedback is submitted. Use our standard open-ended feedback question, or ask up to three customized survey questions or your choice.

Image of RocketUp Surveys: anonymous feedback surveys with instant rewards
RocketUp Surveys: anonymous feedback surveys with instant rewards

RocketUp Loyalty

With Loyalty, your customers and prospects earn points over time for submitting private and anonymous suggestions, questions, complaints, or compliments to you through our app or website and for “checking in” at your physical location(s). Your repeat customers can redeem points at your location by selecting among whatever menu of reward options you offer.

Image of RocketUp Loyalty: anonymous feedback and loyalty rewards app
RocketUp Loyalty: anonymous feedback and loyalty rewards app

Feedback, Not Reviews

  • Improve Your Business or Organization by using the ideas, surveys, and feedback you receive.
  • Resolve complaints and issues privately, before customers complain publicly on social media or review sites.
  • Better connect to customers and demonstrate that the organization cares what they think.
  • Increase new and repeat customers via instant and loyalty rewards.

RocketUp Pricing

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Per Location Per Month
No Contract Required
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6 or more locations
Paid Monthly or Annually
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All plans include both Surveys and Loyalty products and include up to 200 conversations per month

(additional conversations only $1 per 10 additional conversations)

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