What is RocketUp and why should I use it?

RocketUp lets you help improve businesses and organizations by providing quick, private, and anonymous feedback. At many businesses and organizations, you will earn rewards for doing so.

How do I earn rewards?

There are two ways to earn rewards with RocketUp. Some businesses offer “Instant” rewards – these businesses will provide a web link or URL to a very short and quick anonymous website survey. After submitting your survey you will immediately receive their reward via email. Other businesses offer “Loyalty” rewards, for which you log-in to our app or website and submit ideas, compliments, complaints, or questions, or check-in at the business location. Each time you do any of these, you earn points towards that business’ rewards.

What type of rewards can I earn?

Rewards vary for each business and include both discounts and free items. You can view all rewards currently available at a business by logging in to the RocketUp app or website and selecting that business.

What type of feedback can I leave?

With our “Instant” product you follow a web link or short URL provided to you by the business and answer a quick survey. With our “Loyalty” product, you log-in to our app or website and can submit an idea, a compliment, a complaint, or a question.

How do I earn points? How many points do I earn?

At locations that offer “Loyalty” rewards, you earn points every time you provide feedback or check-in after logging in to our app or website. Check-in = 2 points. Question = 4 points. Complaint or Compliment = 8 points. Idea = 12 points.

What does it cost to use RocketUp?

RocketUp is free for consumers – and actually better than free, since you earn rewards at many participating businesses and organizations. Businesses and organizations pay a small monthly or annual fee per location – see RocketUp for Business.

How do I give feedback to RocketUp? What if I have an issue using RocketUp’s app or website?

Go to RocketUp’s Instant feedback page or log-in to our app or website and select RocketUp to leave feedback for us. You can also reach us at support@RocketUp.com.

What is verified feedback?

Feedback given after you log-in to our app or website is considered “verified” if you have checked in recently to a location for which you are providing feedback.

Can I repeat my feedback to earn extra points?

No, if it is reported that you are submitting duplicate feedback in order to earn extra points, we will reverse the points you have earned. We also reserve the right to terminate your account if you keep trying to do this, so please don’t. We want to keep you as a customer!

Is my feedback anonymous? Do you share my identity with the business or organization?

Your feedback is always anonymous; we will not share any uniquely identifiable information such as your name or contact information in conjunction with your feedback. At some locations you have the option to share your email address to join that location’s mailing list – in these cases we send your email address separately from your feedback together with the email addresses of others who have opted in, so the business can not associate your email with any specific feedback given.

Do you post my ratings publicly? Is there any way to share my feedback publicly?

No to both questions. RocketUp is designed to provide private and anonymous feedback directly to businesses and organizations, to help them improve. We are about private and anonymous feedback, not public ratings.

Do you track my location? How do you use my location?

We only track your location when you are logged in to our app and go to “Locations,” to be able to sort locations based on their distance from you, and when you attempt to check-in, to verify that you really are where you say you are. Feedback is considered “verified” if you have checked in recently to a location for which you are providing feedback.

Do I need to be online to use your service?

Yes, you need to be online in order to use our app (or website). If you are unable to get service, please wait until you have service again to interact with our app. You are able to give feedback (other than checking-in) even when you are not at the specific location.

When will you expand to more locations?

We will be continually expanding the number of locations as new businesses and organizations sign up to use RocketUp. If you know a business owner who might be interested, please let us know! Please send us their company name, contact name, and contact info by submitting an Idea within our app to RocketUp, and earn additional RocketUp points. Or send an email to sales@RocketUp.com or call (202) 827-5626.

How can I sign up my business or organization to use RocketUp?

Great that you are interested! You can learn more at RocketUp for Business. If you’re ready to get started, login to your RocketUp account (or sign up for a free new account on our website or app) and once logged in, just click on “Add a Business” on the “My Account” page. If you have any questions or want to speak with us directly, please send an email to sales@RocketUp.com or call (202) 827-5626.

Why the name RocketUp?

Businesses and organizations use our service to “rocket up” to a better place by becoming better and better based on customer feedback; consumers use our service to “rocket up” to higher points and rewards.

Does RocketUp “give back” to charity in any way?

Yes, RocketUp is proud to give away one free account to a 501(c)3 non-profit for every five paid businesses that sign up. If you manage a 501(c)3 non-profit and are interested in learning more, please send an email to sales@RocketUp.com or call (202) 827-5626.